Wednesday Afternoon Excursions

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Walking tours

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and carry water if the temperature is high. Montréal’s weather during this time of the year is usually warm (25-30 oC) and the humidity level possibly high. Take an umbrella with you if rain is expected.

The Main on a Plate

375 years of History, Food and Immigration.

This walking tour will allow you to discover how the many waves of immigration helped shape Montréal’s culinary scene. Go back in time to witness how an old red-light district became the city’s beloved theater district and how a Lacrosse field became the biggest outdoor market of the United States and Canada! You will walk through Montréal’s Chinatown, see a part of the Jewish and Portuguese neighborhoods, and explore the Mile-End, Canada’s most creative quarter, before entering Little Italy. Needless to say, you will be able to experience the rhythm of our multicultural city through Saint-Laurent Boulevard’s sights, sounds and tastes.

Duration: 3.5 hr
Cost: $40 CAD + tx

Flavours and Aromas of Old Montréal

This walking tour will allow you to discover the cultural and historic culinary charms of the oldest district of Montréal. Speciality shops and boutiques in the area are housed in old factories and showrooms from the 19th century. As you follow the narrow and winding streets of Old Montréal, your professional tour guide will feed your hunger for knowledge on the history of Montréal and its many culinary pleasures. You will learn how the native people have influenced Canadian food habits and how the World Fair Expo 67 brought exotic food to our tables. That and much more… Come discover the flavors and aromas of Old Montréal!

Duration: 2.5 hr
Cost: $25 CAD + tx

Old Montréal Walking Tour

A stroll through a maze of narrow lanes and old buildings provide a perfect opportunity to discover Old Montréal’s history and charm. With their exuberant display of architecture, the streets and buildings testify to Montréal’s rich heritage and illustrate a period of its history. The tour will feature a number of remarkable restorations that have breathed new life into the Old Port: City Hall, the old markets and municipal buildings, the old business section, churches, Jacques Cartier Square and majestic Notre-Dame Basilica. It’s in this historic part of the city that Ville Marie was built in 1642.

Duration: 2.5 hr
Cost: $0

The Golden Square Mile

Situated on the slopes of Mount Royal, the Square Mile has a lovely view of the city and the river. At the turn of the century, it was a wealthy neighborhood graced by some of Montréal’s most notable mansions. At the time, the people living in the Square Mile owned 70% of Canada’s wealth. This downtown historic district contains elaborate turn-of-the-century mansions, as well as the McGill University campus. See some of the prestigious houses such as Mount Stephen Club, the Lady Meredith Hall and Ravenscrag, a huge property built by shipping magnate Sir Hugh Allen. This is a unique experience and a tour designed to showcase aspects of Montréal’s history not easily accessible to the casual visitor.

Duration: 2.5 hr
Cost: $0

Dragon Boat and Brew

Dragon Boat is a unique sport! Originally from China, dating back to the 24th century, today’s Dragon Boat is now present worldwide. As Port of the Dragon Boat activity offered, you will be introduced to this safe and accessible sport. No experience required! We will show you in a few minutes all you need to know. All equipment is provided! We’ll chill with a cold beer after the event.

You will very much likely get wet! We recommend you to wear light sport attire (shorts and t-shirt), sun cream and a cap (if sunny), and water sandals. Bring the least amount of personal belongings with you in a small bag. It is not recommended to carry your bag with you in the boat. Your bag will be stored in a safe and guarded container during the activity.

You will be transported to the site in a lovely yellow school bus (don’t worry, the ride won’t take long!). The same bus will take you back to the Centre Sheraton after the activity. If you decide to enjoy more time at the Terrasse St-Ambroise and choose not to come back with the bus, you will easily be able to reach the Lionel-Groulx metro station (junction of green and orange metro lines) in a short ~3 km walk along the Lachine Canal (a landmark in Montréal). See the map here.

Duration: 2.5 hr
Cost: $0