Montréal is an island city of ~2,000,000 inhabitants, located in the South-West area of the Province of Québec where the majority of people speak French, with English as the second-most spoken language. A truly multicultural and safe city, Montréal is internationally-renowned for its Joie de vivre.

The symposium (Sunday to Friday) will take place at the Centre Sheraton, a hotel and conference center located in downtown Montréal, and where we have secured a limited number of rooms for the attendees.

Take a look at the meeting rooms here.

The symposium site is located near the campus of McGill University, home for the Plasma Processing Laboratory. McGill, an English-speaking university founded in 1821, is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in Canada. The downtown campus hosts historical buildings, beautiful mature trees, and gardens.

McGill University campus (South of Mount Royal)

The Summer School preceding the symposium (Friday to Saturday) will take place at Université de Montréal (UdeM), home for the Groupe de physique des plasmas. UdeM, founded in 1878 and home for almost 50,000 students, is a world-renowned French-speaking university also located at the foothills of Mount Royal. McGill and UdeM are separated by a few metro (subway) stops or a scenic 40 min walk.

Université de Montréal (North of Mount Royal)