Montréal’s P.-É. Trudeau International Airport is deserved by all major airlines, with direct flights to a number of major cities.

Reaching Downtown Montréal

The 747 bus line is a direct link between the Montréal P.-É. Trudeau International Airport and Downtown Montréal. It’s cheap: 10 CAN$ one-way. Take the “Downtown” route and disembark the bus at stop 3 or 4. You will easily see the Centre Sheraton from there. Consult this useful document.

A taxi ride will cost you 40-50 CAN$.

While in Montréal

Montréal is a busy city and driving is not recommended nor efficient. We recommend you to use the STM network (buses and subway). The subway (locally called “metro”) is very efficient. The Centre Sheraton is located very near stations Peel, Lucien l’Allier and Bonaventure. You can buy tickets at any station using a credit card or cash (Canadian dollars).

Look for this symbol to reach a metro station: 

Map of the metro network and locations of the Centre Sheraton (symposium and main hotel), Le Belvédère (banquet), IPCS Summer School (Université de Montréal) and McGill University).

Download the Transit App for your iPhone or Android phone.