3 min Poster Pitches

Chair: Prof. Jason Tavares, Polytechnique Montréal
Co-Chair: Prof. Lakshminarayana Rao, Indian Institute of Science

34 students will introduce their posters to all ISPC23 attendees in 3 min Poster Pitches (1 slide, no animations) immediately before the Monday and Tuesday afternoon poster sessions.

The 3-min Poster Pitch schedule can be found here.

Instructions to prepare your 3-min poster pitch (students only)

Based on the 3-minute thesis competition started in 2008 by the University of Queensland, this format allows you to summarize your work for a multidisciplinary audience. Your challenge is to engage the audience and present your work in an accessible manner with a very stringent time constraint:

  1. You are allowed a single slide (either PowerPoint or PDF format).
  2. You must send your slide to jason.tavares@polymtl.ca with the subject “Poster pitch slide” no later than 5PM the evening preceding your pitch (5 MB maximum file size).
  3. Your slide cannot contain any animations.
  4. You must display your 3-min poster pitch ID in the top-left corner of your slide so that it is readable by the audience. Don’t know your 3-min poster pitch ID? Check the Monday and Tuesday schedules here.
  5. Presentations will last no more than 3 minutes (180 seconds, 0.05 hours). After 2 min 45 s, the session chair will give you a brief warning. At 3 minutes, an audible alarm will sound and interrupt your presentation. Your are thus highly encouraged to rehearse!
  6. Though not mandatory, we encourage you to include the following information on your slide : poster authors and title. There is no question period during the pitches, so this information will help the audience locate your poster for added discussion.
  7. Your slide should not be a repeat of your poster – rather, it should serve as a visual summary. Visual elements should dominate.
  8. Assume your audience knows the absolute basics of plasma, but no further: plasma is a highly multidisciplinary field, and you should use your pitch to make your high level work accessible (this makes it easier to recognize and appreciate innovation!). Up to 50% of your pitch can be dedicated to introduction and context, with the remaining 50% used to highlight one key result.
  9. 3 minute pitches work best when you incorporate analogies and metaphors, with a little bit of humour and personal touches sprinkled in. Show enthusiasm and interest for your work.